Why You Should Definitely Learn French (Best Reasons)

Written byAmélie Pinon

There are so many great reasons to learn French.

It's not only captivating to the ears but also comes packed with benefits for its speakers.

Today, I want to share with you what I think are the most compelling reasons to start learning French. I'm sure there are a lot more, but here goes.

It's romantic

First and foremost, French is part of the esteemed Romance languages.

Together with Spanish and Italian, these languages share common ancestry.

Knowing French thus translates to easier communication when you travel to countries speaking these Romance languages.

Imagine: By choosing to learn French, you're unlocking a world of new communication possibilities, from South America to Spain and Italy.

It's a global language

Here's a distinguishing feature: French's pervasiveness.

Unlike other Romance languages, French is a true globe-trotter.

Its speakers span several regions worldwide, adding a versatile tool to your travel kit. You won't just use French in France; it's also prevalent in Canada and North African nations such as Morocco and Tunisia.

Comparatively, a language like Italian is confined mainly to Italy, hinting at French's broader advantage.

Job opportunities abound for French speakers

Expanding your career horizons is another compelling reason to learn French.

Fluency in a second language is increasingly becoming an attractive skill for employers. Since French's speakers are so widespread, it can provide a real boost in your career trajectory.

Moreover, it can potentially open doors to international job transfers.

Being globally mobile in your profession can make you an appealing candidate for employers. Plus, the prospect of developing multilingual abilities can foster well-rounded individuals, enhancing communication skills and opening up new relationships.

Traveling to France is far more enjoyable

If you're already planning a trip to France, speaking French is a substantial advantage. Nothing beats the thrill of effortlessly asking for directions or ordering from a French menu.

Plus, the French are generally appreciative of tourists who try to speak their language rather than resorting to English.

Such efforts can make your trip significantly more enjoyable.

French is glamorous

And let's not forget: French is glamorous.

The language's melodious sound can make you feel as chic as a movie star. Who wouldn't want to whisper sweet nothings to their partner in French?

Learning it lets you experience firsthand why it's counted among the most beautiful languages.

Sense of achievement (and fun)

Taking up the challenge of learning a new language is a commendable feat.

Specifically, learning French can bring a multitude of benefits.

From speaking one of the most stunning languages in the world to the practical aspect of navigating through France, French undoubtedly offers its learners a bouquet of rewards.

Here's a little something to inspire you:

Thank youMerci
PleaseS'il vous plaît

So, why learn French? The reasons are many, and the benefits are clear.

The journey of learning French is not just about adding a new skill; it's about opening doors to new experiences and opportunities.

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Why You Should Definitely Learn French (Best Reasons)
Why learn French? There are so many amazing reasons to learn French. Here are some of the best.
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