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The Most Important French Phrases For Meeting People

French phrases meeting people

The most important French phrases to learn (call them survival phrases) are the ones used for meeting people.

Visiting France, you will inevitably meet and greet many wonderful people.

The phrases below are absolutely essential to any conversation you have in French.

How are you?Comment allez vous?
I am fine.Bien
My name is …Je m’apelle …
What is your name?Comment vous appellez vous?
I am from the United StatesJe viens des Etats-Unis
Do you speak English?Parlez vous anglais?
Good morningBonjour
Good afternoonBonjour
Good evening/nightBonsoir
It is nice to meet you.Enchante
Do you understand me?Me comprenez vous?
Could you speak more slowly?Pouvez vous parler plus lentement?
Are you from here?Etes vous d’ici?
ByeAu revoir

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