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How To Ask For Help Or Assistance In French

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If you're visiting or moving to France, you will inevitably need to ask native French speakers for assistance or help.

We all get stuck when we're in a new country, trying to figure out how to get things done or find our way.

It's crucial that you arm yourself with enough French to request assistance from native speakers.

Here's how to do it.

These are some common French phrases for asking for help

Can you help me, please?Pouvez-vous m’aider
Help!A l’aide
Please call a doctor!S’il vous plait appeler un medecin
Where is the police station?Ou est le poste de police?
I am lost.Je suis perdu
Where is the embassy?Ou est l’ambassade?
I need a doctor!J’ai besoin d’un doctor
Where is the pharmacy?Ou est la pharmacie?
Someone stole my belongings.Quelqu’un a vole mes affaires
I lost my passport!J’ai perdu mon passeport

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