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Je m'appelle Amélie.

I created this site because I wanted to help French learners like yourself with a simple resource that makes sense.

There's a lot out there for learning French admittedly but not all of it is good.

I hope you'll consider this resource one of the good ones!

Here you'll find all kinds of French content - lessons on grammar, verbs, essentials/survival French and of course, the best French resources.

French classes can be costly, and inconvenient, and French immersion is often simply to much of a scary thought to ever be reality.

Being able to speak French allows you to travel and see the amazing sites that France has to offer, experience the culture, dine on fine food, and meet some amazing people.

Gone are the days when the only way to learn the French language is reading and repeating, reading and repeating out of a boring, uninspiring text book.

You can start learning French today, from the privacy of your own home.

French Language Guide is packed with great French lessons and corresponding exercises so you get a good grasp on the basics of French.

French Language Guide will get you speaking French confidently, plus I offer reviews of the best online French courses.

The great thing about the French courses I review, is that they offer a variety of learning styles, so you'll be able to find the course that suits you best. These learning styles include using written material, audio, interactive exercises and educational games.

The language you learn inside the pages of French Language Guide is the French that you actually need to know.

As well as general conversational French, you'll learn how to ask for directions, how to ask for help at the airport, booking hotels, restaurants and much more.

You'll start with the very basics of the speaking French, and advance lesson by lesson.

Why is it free?

French Language Guide was set up after searching the net for quality, basic French lessons. What I found was a distinct lack of free information, so I decided to create my own French guide, and to make it available absolutely free.

Head over here to get started.

- Amélie

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