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How To Give (Or Get) Directions In French

French phrases directions

Looking for how to give (or understand) directions in French?

France is a beautiful country but it's very easy to get lost (especially in large cities like Paris!).

Here you'll find the most common French phrases for giving and asking for directions that will help you get around France or another French-speaking country.

Be prepared for the hustle and bustle and fast pace of Paris. There are shops everywhere, selling everything, there is loads of traffic (don't even think about taking a car-it's a special skill to drive in Paris.) The metro and bus systems are fast and efficient, and there is no lovelier place to just stroll. Let's take a stroll through the City of Lights and see what we can find. Je cherche la Banque Commerciale Europeene. Il me faut acheter des euros. I am looking for the European Commercial Bank. I have to buy Euros. Moi, je cherche la poste. J'ai besoin des timbres. I am looking for the post office. I need stamps. Je dois acheter des timbres aussi. Alors, marchons ensemble. C'est un beau jour. I have to buy stamps, too. So, let's walk together. It's a beautiful day. C'est un beau quartier, n'est-ce pas? This is a lovely neighborhood, isn't it? Ah oui, il y a beaucoup des magasins. Regards, une floriste, la bibliotheque, le grand magasin Printemps, une bijouterie, tous sur la meme rue. Look, a florist, the library, the big department store Printemps, and a jeweler, all on the same street. Dans mon quartier, il y a une boucherie, deux patisseries, trois restaurants et un tres beau parc. L'ecole est tout pres, meme l'hopital. Tres convenable. In my neighborhood, there is a butcher, two bakeries, three restaurants and a very beautiful park. The school is nearby, as well as the hospital. Very convenient. Je marche avec ma fille a l'ecole, puis je continue a l'hopital pour travailler. I walk with my daughter to the school, then I continue to the hospital to go to work. Comment aller a l' hopital de votre appartement? How do you go to the hospital from your apartment? C'est tout pres, juste apres le coin. It's very close, just around the corner C'est a gauche, puis tout droit, a la droite. It is to the left, then straight ahead, on the right. Vous avez de la chance. You are lucky. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Paris. Be sure to learn how to find the places you want to visit. Pardon, quelle est cette rue-ci, monsieur? Excuse me, which street is this, sir? C'est la rue La Fayette. It is La Fayette street. Quelles belles maisons et quells beaux magasins! What beautiful houses and what beautiful stores! C'est le centre de Paris et le quartier le plus riche. It is the center of Paris and the richest neighborhood. Pardon, madame, pour aller au Louvre? Excuse me, Madam, how to I go to the Louvre? Prenez le metro. La-bas, vous trouverez une carte. C'est tres facile a suivre. Take the metro. In there, you will find a map. It is very easy to follow. Est-ce qu'il faut avoir un billet? Do you have to have a ticket? Non, payez a la caisse. No, pay at the cashier window. Laissez un jour entier pour le Louvre. C'est un immense batiment! Leave an entire day for the Louvre. It's an immense building!

Go straightTout droit
Turn leftTourne a gauche
Turn rightTourne a droite
Where is … ?Ou-est-ce?
Where is the exit?Ou est la sortie?
Where is the entrance?Ou est l’entrée?
Keep goingContinuez
I am looking for a hotel.Je cherche un hotel
Where is the bathroom?Ou sont les toilettes?
Is it far from here?Est-ce loin d’ici?

What Did We Learn?

  1. I am looking for the ______(pick your bank).
  2. I am going to the post office, and then (puis) the bank. I need stamps, and I have to change Euros.
  3. This is a beautiful neighborhood.
  4. All of the stores are very convenient.
  5. Which street is this, with the florist and the baker?
  6. I like to walk in this neighborhood with my daughter.
  7. My apartment (mon appartement) is near here, on the corner.
  8. This is the richest neighborhood in Paris.
  9. To go to the Louvre, take the metro two stops (arrets).
  10. The Louvre is an immense building!

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