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The Most Important French Phrases For Courtesy And Politeness

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It's a general misconception that French people are obnoxious and rude (okay, sometimes it's accurate!).

French people are generally wonderful and very courteous, so it pays to know some courteous French phrases to show respect and earn friends.

Being polite gets you a long way in France.

The two most important and well-known are merci (thanks) and s'il vous plaît (please). As you'd expect in any country, make sure to use these often when dealing with French people you meet.

Here are some of the most common French phrases for being courteous and polite.

English French
Thank you Merci
No thank you. Non Merci
You are welcome De rien
Please S’il vous plait
Excuse me Excusez moi
I am sorry. Je suis desole
Forgive me. Pardonnez-moi
You are very nice. Vous etes tres gentil
Thank you for your help Merci de votre aide

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