French Subject Pronouns (Table With Example Sentences)

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Need to know the French subject pronouns?

Before you learn other pronoun forms, the subject pronouns are the most important and first you'll use as a French student.

Read on to learn what they are and how to use them.

French subject pronouns

French subject pronouns are easy. See the table below for reference:

You (singular informal)Tu
You (plural or formal singular)Vous
They (masculine or mixed group)Ils
They (feminine group)Elles

Note that on is typically used in a similar sense to the English word "one" (for example, "one does not simply learn French"), but it can also be used to mean "we" in an informal context.

Vous is used for plural "you", but also for singular "you" in formal contexts. This could be when addressing a superior, someone you don't know well, or anyone you want to show respect to (much like usted in Spanish).

Ils is used when talking about a group of men, or a mixed group of men and women.

Elles is used when the group is entirely comprised of women.

Sample sentences in French using subject pronouns

Here are some sample sentences in French demonstrating the French subject pronouns:

Je mange.

I am eating.

Tu chantes.

You are singing.

Il court.

He is running.

Elle lit.

She is reading.

On peut voir les étoiles.

One can see the stars.

Nous étudions.

We are studying.

Vous nagez.

You (formal/plural) are swimming.

Ils jouent.

They (masculine/mixed) are playing.

Elles dorment.

They (feminine) are sleeping.

Tu écris.

You (informal) are writing.

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French Subject Pronouns (Table With Example Sentences)
French subject pronouns are an essential beginner grammar lesson to cover. Thankfully, they're easy to learn. See this reference table with examples.
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