How To Say LEGO In French (+ Other French LEGO Terms)

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Today, we are going to discuss an incredibly fun topic that practically everyone loves: LEGO.

Yes, you heard right!

Who doesn't love these tiny building bricks?

If you're learning French, there are some really important words you should know to help you chat with other LEGO enthusiasts. Read on and I'll teach you.

How to say LEGO in French

The term "LEGO" is the same in French as it is in English.

It's a brand name that doesn't translate between languages, so you would simply say "LEGO". When talking about LEGO in general (for example, the bricks or sets), you would use the masculine article le in French, as in Le LEGO.

An Introduction to LEGO

LEGO is a Danish invention that has revolutionized the toy world since their creation in 1932.

These little bricks, called briques in French, enable us to build virtually anything we can envision.

Now, let's dive into some LEGO related vocabulary that would help you while discussing about these wonderful playthings in French.

Vocabulary Table

Here is a table with some LEGO-related vocabulary.

I've included the French word, its English translation, and a phonetic pronunciation for you.

La briqueThe brickLa bree-k
Le blocThe blockLe blok
Le jeu de constructionThe building setLe juh de con-struc-sion
La plaqueThe plateLa plak
Le toitThe roofLe twa
La fenêtreThe windowLa fen-et-re
La porteThe doorLa port
La roueThe wheelLa roo
Le modèleThe modelLe mo-del
L'ensembleThe setL'ahn-sonbl

Now, let's look at some useful verbs and adjectives related to LEGO building.

Verbs and Adjectives

When it comes to talking about LEGO building, some common verbs you might use include:

ConstruireTo buildCon-stree
EmpilerTo stackAhm-pee-le
AssemblerTo assembleAs-em-ble
CréerTo createCray-ay
DémonterTo dismantleDe-mon-te

And here are some adjectives that might come in handy:


Sample Sentences

Now let's put it all together. Here are some sample sentences using the words we just learned:

Je construis un grand modèle avec mes briques de LEGO.

I am building a big model with my LEGO bricks.

J'aime empiler les blocs colorés pour créer des structures complexes.

I like stacking the colorful blocks to create complex structures.

Cet ensemble de LEGO comprend des plaques, des roues et même des fenêtres et des portes!

This LEGO set includes plates, wheels, and even windows and doors!
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How To Say LEGO In French (+ Other French LEGO Terms)
Love building Lego? Today I'm going to share some valuable French language words and phrases for Lego enthusiasts.
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