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Reasons To Learn French

Learning a second language is a goal many people have at one time of their life or another, but the goal can be incredibly intimidating for some.

Choosing which language to study is a major jumping off point, and selecting a language with major benefits can help some non-native speakers feel more secure in their choice.

French is a language that reaps major rewards for those who learn it, not to mention it has a beautiful lilt that will make speakers sound incredibly sophisticated and elegant.


First of all, French is one of what are considered the romance languages. Romance languages like French, Spanish and Italian share common roots, so speakers of one of these have a much easier time when traveling to countries that speak one of the romance tongues.

By choosing to learn French, one opens themselves up to a whole new host of possibilities for communicating while abroad, and will be able to passably get by in places like South America, Spain and Italy.

A Global Language

What helps French stand out against other romance languages, however, is its ubiquity.

French is a language spoken in many countries in several regions of the world, so understanding the language gives you greater flexibility when traveling. You can use French when traveling to France, obviously, but also while in Canada or northern African countries like Morocco or Tunisia. When you compare this to a language like, for example, Italian, which is really only spoken in Italy, it becomes clear some of the advantages to speaking French. It is more and more becoming a common second language for individuals to pick up.


Learning French can also mean good things for employment opportunities. The ability to speak a second language cannot be under rated, and it is more and more a skill employers look on favorably. Because French is spoken by so many, knowing the language can help potential employees shoot up the job ladder.

Not to mention, speaking the language opens employees up to job transfers if positions open up abroad.

Being able to travel for work is an exceedingly attractive candidate in a new prospective hire. Also, learning multiple languages can help an individual be more well rounded over all.

Speaking a second tongue helps with communication skills, and opens the speaker up to new relationships with individuals they might not have gotten to know otherwise. It improves one’s mental skills and keeps the mind fresh, and overall makes it easier to learn even more languages in the future.

 Travel to France

Of course, speaking French will be most beneficial for those already planning a trip to France. There’s nothing like visiting a foreign country and being able to easily ask for directions or order off a menu. Plus, the French people that tourists meet will be incredibly appreciative at attempts to speak the language, as opposed to just asking questions in English. This can help make for a much more satisfactory trip.


And finally, the French language is glamorous. It sounds beautiful rolling off the tongue, and can make the speaker feel as elegant as a movie star. Who doesn’t want to romantically speak to their loved ones in French? It’s not regarded as one of the most beautiful languages for nothing, and learning to speak it first hand can mean feeling that beauty for one’s self.

 Fun and Personal Achievement

Learning a new language is an admirable goal, and learning French in specific can be overwhelmingly beneficial. From the ability to speak eloquently in one of the world’s most beautiful languages, to the practical benefits of knowing how to get around in France, this language gives the speaker a host of rewards.

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