'Les Carottes Sont Cuites' Meaning In French

Written byAmélie Pinon

French has a lot of idioms related to food that you should take time to learn.

Les carottes sont cuites is one interesting French idiom that literally translates to "the carrots are cooked".

Depending on the context used, les carottes sont cuites means that a situation is settled or decided, and there's nothing more that can be done about it. Basically, it means "it's all over" or "the goose is cooked".

You can't uncook carrots, so the phrase implies that a certain outcome is irreversible or inevitable at this point.

Alternative idioms for les carottes sont cuites

If you don't want to use les carottes sont cuites, here are two alternatives:

  • C'est la fin des haricots: This means "it's the end of the beans", and is used in a similar way to mean that everything is lost, or a situation has reached its end.
  • C'est fichu: This one doesn't have a literal translation that makes sense in English, but in context, it's used to express the same nuance that something is finished or ruined. In English, it might be akin to saying "it's done for".

French idioms are a colorful way to express ideas and feelings, and they often don't translate well. Understanding them often requires knowledge of the language and the culture in which they're used.

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'Les Carottes Sont Cuites' Meaning In French
In this lesson, I'll explain what 'les carottes sont cuites' means in French.
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