'Voir La Vie En Rose' Meaning In French

Written byAmélie Pinon

One of my favorite expressions in French is voir la vie en rose.

This colorful expression literally means "to see life in pink", and it's used to describe an optimistic outlook on life (always seeing the good in everything).

The most comparable expression I can think of in English would be "to look at life through rose-colored glasses".

The origin of the idiom is a subject of some debate, but it's most commonly associated with the famous French singer Édith Piaf, thanks to her song "La Vie en Rose" (1946). This song became an international hit and has been covered by numerous artists in various languages.

Other similar expressions

Here are two more similar-nuanced expressions to voir la vie en rose:

  • Être au septième ciel: This literally translates to "to be in seventh heaven", and it's used to express extreme happiness or bliss, which aligns with the idea of seeing life in a positive light.
  • Être sur un petit nuage: This one's "to be on a little cloud". Like the English phrase "to be on cloud nine", it represents a state of extreme happiness or euphoria.

Can you think of any other idioms like this?

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'Voir La Vie En Rose' Meaning In French
In this lesson, I'll explain what 'voir la vie en rose' means in French.
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