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The Verb 'finir' (To Finish) In French

The verb finir means to 'to finish' in French. Here you'll learn how to conjugate it in the different tenses.

Verb Root Verb Ending

Conjugati- on of finir in French

Present tense (présent)

  • je finis (I finish)*
  • je ne finis pas (I don't finish)
  • je finis (I finish)
  • tu finis (you finish)
  • elle finit (she finishes)
  • il finit (he/it finishes)
  • on finit (we finish)
  • nous finissons (we finish)
  • vous finissez (you finish)
  • elles finissent (they finish)
  • ils finissent (they finish)

*also I'm finishing

Imperfect (imparfait)

  • je finissais (I used to finish)*
  • je ne finissais pas (I didn't use to finish)
  • je finissais (I used to finish)
  • tu finissais (you used to finish)
  • elle finissait (she used to finish)
  • il finissait (he/it used to finish)
  • on finissait (we used to finish)
  • nous finissions (we used to finish)
  • vous finissiez (you used to finish)
  • elles finissaient (they used to finish)
  • ils finissaient (they used to finish)

*also I would finish, I was finishing

Preterit or present perfect (passé composé)

  • j'ai fini (I finished)*
  • je n'ai pas fini (I didn't finish)
  • j'ai fini (I finished)
  • tu as fini (you finished)
  • elle a fini (she finished)
  • il a fini (he/it finished)
  • on a fini (we finished)
  • nous avons fini (we finished)
  • vous avez fini (you finished)
  • elles ont fini (they finished)
  • ils ont fini (they finished)

*also I have finished

Future tense (futur simple)

  • je finirai (I will finish)
  • je ne finirai pas (I won't finish)
  • je finirai (I will finish)
  • tu finiras (you will finish)
  • elle finira (she will finish)
  • il finira (he/it will finish)
  • on finira (we will finish)
  • nous finirons (we will finish)
  • vous finirez (you will finish)
  • elles finiront (they will finish)
  • ils finiront (they will finish)

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