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How To Understand And Pronounce French Elisions (Contractions)

French elisions

Elision rules:

The Elision rule states that the letters a and e in the following words (Le, la, ce, je, me, te, se, de, ne, que) is dropped when the word that follows them begins with a vowel or silent h.

Thus contrast:

Le lapin / L'espadon (the rabbit / the swordfish)
La tortue / L'orange (the turtle / the orange)
Ce cheval / c'est bien (this horse / this is good)
Je suis / j'ai (I am / I have)
Je me lève / Je m'y oppose (I rise / I oppose it)
Tu te tais / Tu t'en moque (You keep quiet / You laugh at it)
Elle se prépare / Elle s'habille (She gets ready / she gets dressed). Note the silent h.
De haut en bas / d'or et déjà (from top to bottom / already)
Ne pas déranger / N'y pense pas (do not disturb / Do not think of it)
Que faire ? Qu'a tu acheté ? (What to do ? / What did you buy ?)

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