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How To Pronounce French Vowel Combinations And Dipthongs

French alphabet combinations

Combination Sounds in French

 SoundsSounds Like the:In:French Examples (Translation)
aiail[ai]ssez-fairejamais (never), parfait (perfect)
-ain, -aimunVerd[un]pain (bread), faim (hunger)
auor[o]pepaume (palm), baume (balm)
chsh[sh]ampoochameau (camel), chapeau (hat)
eiem[e]nprès (close), peine (pain)
eueth[e]peu (little), deux (two)
-er, -ezad[a]ymanger (to eat), assez (enough)
eau, -aud, -oto[o]zonerateau (rake), chaud (hot)
em, en before consonanten[en]coreencre (ink), emploi (job)
ha-ar[a]tbras (arm), chat (cat)
illy[y]ogurtmerveille (marvel), fille (girl)
oiwa[wa]terjoie (joy), loi (law)
oinoo + unt[oo]+Verd[un]loin (far), point (point)
on, omawnl[awn]bon (good), pont (bridge)
ouoot[wo]genou (knee), tout (all)
phph[ph]ilphoque (seal), phare (lighthouse)
sc before o,a,usc[sc]oundrelsculpter (to sculpt), scorpion
sc before e,i,ysc[sc]enarioscellé (sealed), scie (saw)
tht[th]ymethéologie (theology), thèse (thesis)
tis[s]toneobjection, ration
um, un word ending or before a consonantunVerd[un]lundi (Monday), parfum (perfume)
uiwiki[wi]pluie (rain), buisson (bush)

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