How To Learn French For Business And Your Career

Written byAmélie Pinon

Of all the reasons to learn French, one of the primary motivators for people is business and career advancement.

French is becoming increasingly important for international business - especially within the EU.

There are incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs in French-speaking parts of the world and French translation remains a very lucrative career path for some.

The need for French-speaking employees

Does your business have a presence (or desire to break into) France or another French-speaking region?

Do you have French bilinguals working for your company?

If this is the case, then it will definitely profit you to invest in French language education.

There are immense benefits to having employees with French proficiency, especially if there is a sizeable French-speaking community that your company interacts with.

Companies that focus on customer service with French clientele for instance are a no-brainer for French point of contact.

Even if English is an option, why not offer French anyway if it's preferable to your clientele?

French translation

Does your business offer contracts or legal agreements that need to be signed?

Keeping a bilingual French-speaker on staff will be useful for interpretation or translation services can be explained.

Ensure that any employeed French translators or interpreters have a legal translation background (not all translators are the same!).

Remember that language proficiency on its own does not equal good translation skills - they are different skillsets. It's vital that anyone performing the role of French interpreter or translator knows the field they're working in.

This will help your business avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

Overall, French is a language that all international businesses should invest heavily in.

How to get your employees to learn French

So how do you go about learning French and getting your employees to do the same?

There are many options for this - one is to hire a company tutor to work directly with staff.

Company tutors will be on hand to visit the office and offer direct classes (group or one-on-one) with staff to help them improve their French fluency.

There are also online options for teaching employees French.

Additionally, the study material can be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

With French being spoken in so many countries, it’s certainly important for business owners and employers to learn French and make their services more French friendly.

Having employees learn French can be a great benefit to your business.

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How To Learn French For Business And Your Career
French is a global language so it’s increasingly important for business and career people to learn French.
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