How To Improve French Listening Comprehension With Music

Written byAmélie Pinon

Listening comprehension is by far the most difficult part of learning French.

You might think that reading and writing are more challenging, but with a language like French, much of the vocab is instantly recognizable for English speakers.

Since reading and writing are much easier, students tend to excel in these skills first.

This means that French speaking and listening comprehension suffer!

Improving French listening comprehension

So what's the best way to improve French listening comprehension?

Here are some tips:

  • Take time out of your study schedule to watch French films and TV. Netflix and even YouTube are perfect for this. Yabla and FluentU are good paid options.

  • Listen to French podcasts! Try Coffee Break French, FrenchPod101 or Learn French By Podcast.

  • Watch News In Slow French.

  • Listen to French music.

The last tip there may not suit everyone's learning style but I can vouch for it being an extremely effective method to improve listening comprehension.

And it doesn't feel like study! 🙂

How to use music to improve French listening skills

Listen to French music repeatedly until you find yourself singing the song (even if you don't understand what you're saying). This will engrain French into your mind.

Dictation is also another great way to use music - write out what you hear as you hear it.

Or use a tool like LingQ, ReadLang or LWT to input song lyrics and study as you listen.

Start with children's songs.

This French listening comprehension method will really help you improve your listening skills.

It'll also help familiarize you with French culture.

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How To Improve French Listening Comprehension With Music
How can you go about improving your French listening comprehension? Well, music is one great way to do.
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