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Welcome To Learn French Language Guide

Are you thinking of heading overseas? Off for a relaxing holiday?

To see the beautiful sites of France? or to introduce your business into a brand new market? Perhaps you're looking to reconnect with your French ancestry, meet up with relatives, or just intrigued by the beautiful sites & culture that France has to offer.

Ask around and you'll find that most people have always dreamed of learning a new language, but simply don't know where to start.

French classes can be costly, and inconvenient, and French immersion is often simply to much of a scary thought to ever be reality. Having the freedom of speaking French allows you to travel and see the breath-taking sites that France has to offer, experience the culture, dine on fine food, and meet some amazing people.

Well gone are the days when the only way to learn the French language is reading and repeating, reading and repeating out of a boring, uninspiring text book. Thanks to this amazing website, you can start learning French today, from the privacy of your own home. We cover the basics you need to learn French and travel to French speaking destinations. Learner French is packed with great French lessons and corresponding exercises so you get a good grasp on the basics of French.

While Learner French will not take you to the point of French fluency, we do offer a comprehensive system for learning enough French to travel confidently, plus we offer reviews of top learn French courses that effectively take you to a stage where you are confident and fluent in French.

The great thing about the French courses we review, is that they offer a variety of learning styles, so you will be able to find the course that suits you best.

These learning styles include using written material, audio, interactive exercises and educational games.

In using the Learner French site you will gain the confidence and knowledge you need to pack up and take off on the journey of a lifetime with out a worry in the world.

Here's just a quick example of what you will learn with Learner French:  

Catching The Metro (Subway) In France

Il faut que j'achete des tickets.

I have to buy tickets

On en a, nous, des tickets. Nous avons achete la Carte Orange.

We have tickets. We bought the Orange Card (long term ticket for the metro which allows trips on other transports as well).

Pardon madame, c'est combien la Carte Mobilis, zone un et deux?

Excuse me, Madam, how much is it for the Mobilis Card, zones one and two?

Cela depend ou vous allez et combien de voyages differents vous allez faire.

That depends on where you go and how many different trips you are going to make.

Ah oui, je vois. Je vais prendre un carnet de tickets s'il vous plait.

Oh yes, I see. I'll take a book of tickets, please.

Moi, je sais quelle ligne il faut prendre, c'est la ligne 1, en direction de la Grande Arche de La Defense. C'est facile, il n'y a meme pas de changements.

I know which line we have to take; it's line 1, Grande Arche de La Defense direction. Then, there are no changes.

Et pour rentre c'est la direction Porte de Vincennes. A quelle station on descend?

And to return, it's direction Porte de Vincennes. What station do we go in (descend)?

On a le choix entre La Porte Maillot et les Sablons. C'est plus ou moin la meme distance. Si on descend aux Sablons on peut prendre le petit train du Bois de Boulogne.

We have a choice between La Porte Maillot and the Sablons. It's more or less the same distance. If we go to Sablons, we can take the little Bois de Boulogne train.

As you can see.

The language you learn inside the pages of Learner French is the French that you actually need to know.

As well as general conversational French you'll learn how to ask for directions, how to ask for help at the airport, booking hotels, restaurants and much more. You will start with the very basics of the speaking French, and advance lesson by lesson. Why do we offer free French lessons? Learner French was set up after searching the net for quality, basic French lessons. What we found was a distinct lack of information, so we decided to create our own basic learn French site, and to make it available absolutely free. Within the pages of Learner French you'll find many great lessons to help you get a grasp of the French language, and equip yourself for future travel throughout France.

What we don't offer however is the audio lessons and exercises, educational games, and advanced French lessons that you will need to achieve full French fluency.

In our reviews section we have researched and reviewed some of the top French courses that incorporate these diverse learning techniques.

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Learn French Language Guide
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