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French Lessons: Taking Care Of Yourself

Here are some important expressions about how you feel. Don't forget to try to mix them up with other pronouns so you get to practice the different forms of etre. Je suis fatigue I am tired _Je suis heureux(se)_I am happy Je suis triste I am sad Je suis nerveux(se) I am nervous Je suis fache I am angry Je suis excite I am excited _Je suis ravi(e)_I'm delighted Now, we can do the same with avoir: J'ai faim I'm hungry J'ai soif I'm thirsty J'ai froid I'm cold J'ai chaud I'm hot Try using these simple sentences to practice forming negatives and questions. Il est fatigue. Est-il fatigue? Il n'est pas fatigue. N'est-il pas fatigue? He is tired. Is he tired? He is not tired. Is he not tired? Elle est heureuse. Est-elle heureuse? Elle n'est pas heureuse. N'est-elle pas heureuse? She is happy. Is she happy? She is not happy. Is she not happy? Your turn. Rephrase each of the questions into the negative, interrogative and negative interrogative: Je suis triste I am sad Je suis nerveux(se) I am nervous Je suis fache I am angry Je suis excite I am excited _Je suis ravi(e)_I'm delighted Let's try it with avoir: Tu as faim. As-tu faim? Tu n'as pas faim. N'as-tu pas faim? You are hungry. Are you hungry? You are not hungry. Are you not hungry? Now let's get to know the parts of our body. Le corps d l'homme et de la femmeest compose de trios parties: la tete, le tronc et les members. La tete est d'habitude couverte de cheveus; sinon, on est chauve. The body of a man and of a woman is composed of three parts: the head, the trunk and the limbs. The head is usually covered with hair, if not, you are bald. Les yeux, les sourcils,e nez, la bouche et le menton forment le visage, beau ou laid! The eyes, the eyebrows, the nose, the mouth and the chin form the face, beautiful or ugly. Entre la tete et le tronc, il y a le cou. Between the head and the trunk is the (there is) neck. Le tronc porte generalement deux bras et deux jambs. The trunk usually has two arms and two legs. Les bras se plient aux coudes et aux poignets. Ils sont termines par les mains. The arms bend at the elbows and at the wrists. They end at the hands Les jambs se plient aux genoux et aux chevilles. Ils sont termines par les pieds. The legs bend at the knees and at the ankles. They end at the feet. Mes bras My arms Mes jambes My legs Mes mains My hands Mes pieds My feet Ma tete My head Mes yeux My eyes Ma bouche My mouth Mon nez My nose Mes orrielles My ears Mon dos My back Ma poitrine My chest Mes epaules My shoulders Now try it with your arms, his legs, her feet, their eyes, etc. and try to put them into some sentences of your own. For example, Ses orreilles sont tres grandes.

What Did We Learn?

  1. I am hungry, I am cold, I am tired. I want to go home (rentrer chez moi).
  2. I am sad when I hear (entendre) that story (histoire).
  3. Tomorrow I am going to Disneyworld. I am very excited!
  4. Isn't she happy that her brother won (gagner) the prize (prix)?
  5. If you are hungry, let's go to a restaurant.
  6. There is a restaurant near here.
  7. On my head, there is hair.
  8. We have two eyes and two ears but only (seulement) one mouth.
  9. The neck is between (entre)the head and the shoulders.
  10. My neck is between my head and my shouders.

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