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Vital French Language For Emergencies

Let's hope you never have to face an emergency while traveling in a French speaking country, or any foreign country, but learn these expressions in case of emergency: Emergency! _Urgence ! _ Help! Au secours ! Fire! _Au feu ! _ Thief! _Au voleur ! _ Watch out! Attention ! I have had an accident. J'avais eu un accident. There has been a crash. _Il y avait une collision _ There has been an explosion. Il y avait une explosion. There is a fire in the ...... Il y a un feu dans le.. There is a flood in the ... Il y a une inondation dans le... I heard a gunshot. J'ai entendu un coup de feu. I need a police officer. J'ai besoin d'un policier I need a fireman. J'ai besoin d'un pompier To need ... avoir besoin... I need help. J'ai besoin de l'assistance. I need a doctor. J'ai d'un medecin. I need an ambulance . _J'ai besoin d'une ambulance _ Where is the nearest police station? Ou est le commissariat le plus proche? I have asthma. Je suis asthmatique. I need an inhaler. J'ai besoin d'un inhalateur. I have diabetes. Je suis diabetique. I need sugar now. J'ai besoin de sucre immediatement. I'm having a heart attack. J'ai une crise cardiaque. I'm having a stroke. J'ai une attaque. I am drowning. Je me noyer. I am in labor. Je suis en travail. I am lost. Je suis egare. To break one's arm, leg se casser le bras, la jambe I broke my arm. J'ai casse le bras. I broke my leg. J'ai casse la jambe.

What Did We Learn?

Say the following in French:

  1. I have asthma.
  2. I have diabetes.
  3. I think (je crois) I am having a heart attack.
  4. I have chest pains.
  5. I need a doctor.
  6. Help, there is a fire!
  7. Call (appeller) the police.
  8. Help! Thief!
  9. Hello, front desk(concierge)? There is a flood in my room.
  10. Someone (Quelqu'un) is injured.

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