French Lesson: How To Describe Your Feelings

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Here are some important expressions to describe how you feel in French.

Don't forget to try to mix them up with other pronouns so you get to practice the different forms of etre.

How to say "I feel..." and ask "How do you feel?" in French

If you want to say "I feel" in French, you should say je me sens... followed by the adjective or noun that describes the way you feel.

For example:

Je me sens triste.

I feel sad.

Je me sens fatigué(e).

I feel tired.

Je me sens malade.

I feel sick.

NOTE: For these, it's often better to just say "I am sad", "I am sick" (je suis fatigué, je suis malade).

To ask a person "How do you feel?" in French, you can use Comment vous sentez-vous ? or Comment te sens-tu ? (depending on the level of formality).

For example:

Comment vous sentez-vous après votre opération ?

How do you feel after your surgery?

Comment te sens-tu aujourd'hui ?

How do you feel today?

Basic emotions in French

Here are some of the most essential feelings in French.

Français English
Joie Joy
Colère Anger
Tristesse Sadness
Peur Fear
Surprise Surprise
Dégoût Disgust

Although it's not an "emotion", you should also learn "tiredness" in French, which is fatigue.

Je suis fatigue.

I am tired.

Je suis heureux / joyeux.

I am happy.

Je suis triste.

I am sad.

Je suis nerveux(se).

I am nervous.

Je suis fache.

I am angry.

Je suis excite.

I am excited.

Je suis ravi(e).

I'm delighted.

Now, we can do the same with avoir:

J'ai faim.

I'm hungry.

J'ai soif.

I'm thirsty.

J'ai froid.

I'm cold.

J'ai chaud.

I'm hot.

Detailed list of French emotions and feelings

For a more detailed and advanced list of emotions, see below.

Français English
Joie Joy
Colère Anger
Tristesse Sadness
Peur Fear
Amour Love
Surprise Surprise
Dégoût Disgust
Jalousie Jealousy
Ennui Boredom
Excitation Excitement
Confiance Confidence
Fierté Pride
Honte Shame
Espoir Hope
Inquiétude Worry
Déception Disappointment
Compassion Compassion
Solitude Loneliness
Ennui Boredom
Curiosité Curiosity
Admiration Admiration
Regret Regret
Nostalgie Nostalgia
Anxiété Anxiety
Injustice Injustice
Reconnaissance Gratitude
Remords Remorse
Mépris Contempt
Émerveillement Awe
Énervement Irritation
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French Lesson: How To Describe Your Feelings
In this lesson, you'll learn some important words and expressions for describing how you feel in French.
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