How to Learn French Fast

Written byAmélie Pinon

Are you planning an excursion to the city of love in the very near future? Or is it time to cram in some last-minute studying for that upcoming test in French class? Whatever the case may be, you can learn French in little to no time. Here are some tips and resources that will have you speaking like a native in a flash.

Tip #1 – Use break-through technology to your advantage

This tip nearly feels like cheating it makes it so easy and fun to learn French fast (it is how I learnt!).

New software has devised ways to learn French fast.

Tip #2 – Forget memorization

This may seem counter-intuitive, but it is true. Neuroscience research offers that the brain can learn and retain a word in less than 15 minutes. That amount of time may seem like a lot for simply one word, but when it comes to the most basic verbs, 15 minutes will pass like the blink of an eye as you are acquiring vocabulary necessary for daily conversation.

Tip #3 – Visit a French speaker

The first introduction to language of a young human mind is by auditory means. We don’t, of course, come prepackaged with the ability to speak, read and write a language, but we can perceive. This is why finding a native or someone local who speaks French fluently will be of great value to anyone seeking to learn the language. That person will be able to help guide you through a French conversation, fill in words that you don’t know, correct any mistakes and even give you some extra ideas based upon his or her personal experience of learning the language.

Tip #4 – Do everything you do with a French twist

It is probable that you already listen to the radio, watch television shows, catch up on the news, and read literature. For example, if you enjoy fiction novels then you may want to visit a bookstore nearby or go online and look for books that are written in French. The Little Prince is a classic book and one of the most popular French-to-English literature translations. If you have already read the English version it will be all the more easier to comprehend the French version. Anyone at any age should be able to appreciate children’s literature because it tends to be simpler and filled with fundamental words. Doing everything with a French twist is as simple and doable as your present daily routine. Also consider these other twists:

  • Go visit an international grocery store and buy foods or dishes that are popular French favorites
  • Watch Amour or The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, both classic French foreign films. There are a wealth of other indie and foreign French films to choose from
  • Create a station on Pandora for artists such as Carla Bruni, Yelle, or Ben Soul

Tip #5 – Keep good notes

Use a simple notebook, your phone, an iPad or a sketchbook–whatever you like! If it helps, try not to think of your notes as "notes." Sometimes it’s just nice to make memories and jot them down…in French!

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How to Learn French Fast
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