French For Beginners: Describing Your Living Room

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Let's describe the living room of a typical French family.

In this lesson, I'll give you the most important French vocabulary and sample sentences for talking about the items in a living room.

How do you say 'living room' in French?

If you want to say 'living room' in French, there are two main ways to say it:

  1. Salle de séjour: This literally translates to "room of stay", and is the most formal term for 'living room' in French.
  2. Salon: This is the most common, informal way to say 'living room' in French. It's likely of Italian origin (salone).

Most common items (in French) found in your living room

There are many items typical to a French living room. Here's a list of the most common ones with their plural forms:

French Item Plural Form English Translation
Un canapé Des canapés Sofa
Un fauteuil Des fauteuils Armchair
Une table basse Des tables basses Coffee table
Un tapis Des tapis Rug
Une lampe Des lampes Lamp
Un coussin Des coussins Cushion
Un rideau Des rideaux Curtain
Une étagère Des étagères Shelf
Un cadre Des cadres Picture frame
Une télévision Des télévisions Television
Une chaîne Hi-Fi Des chaînes Hi-Fi Stereo system
Un lecteur DVD Des lecteurs DVD DVD player
Un vase Des vases Vase
Des livres - Books
Des magazines - Magazines
Un jeu de société Des jeux de société Board game
Une horloge Des horloges Clock
Un miroir Des miroirs Mirror
Une plante Des plantes Plant
Un cheminée Des cheminées Fireplace

Sample sentences describing a living room in French

Le salon est meuble avec beaucoup de gout.

The living room is furnished in very good taste (a lot of taste).

Take note of the use of the informal expression "avec beaucoup de gout" (with a lot of taste).

A gauche, nous trouvons deux grandes fenetres.

On the left, we find two large windows.

Les fenetres du salon donnent sur une petite cour.

The windows of the living room look onto (give on) a little court.

En face des fenetres, il y a le divan et le fauteuil autour du tapis.

Opposite the windows are the sofa and the armchair, situated around the rug.

C'est un beau divan, fauteuil.

The sofa and armchair are beautiful.

La bibliotheque a beaucoup des livres.

The bookcase has a lot of books. This family likes to read.

La table basse est devant le divan.

The coffee table is in front of the sofa.

Pres du fauteuil, il y a une lampe.

Near the armchair, there is a lamp.

Des beaux tableaus et des belles plantes sont partout.

Beautiful paintings and lovely plants are everywhere.

Sur les murs, il y des photographies de paysages de France.

On the walls, there are photographs of French landscapes.

Most important verbs in a living room context

In a living room context, you'll find these verbs most helpful.

Most of them are foundational verbs that you should know anyway.

French Infinitive English Translation
S'asseoir To sit down
Se lever To stand up
Regarder To watch
Écouter To listen
Parler To talk
Jouer To play
Lire To read
Éteindre To turn off
Allumer To turn on
Ranger To tidy up
Nettoyer To clean
Décorer To decorate
Recevoir To entertain guests
Détendre To relax
Apprécier To enjoy
Changer To change
Déplacer To move
Installer To set up
Appeler To call
Inviter To invite

Practise describing your living room in French

Hopefully what I've provided here will get you describing your living room in French in adequate detail.

Obviously, every house is different so there are no doubt going to be items I've missed.

Also check out my lesson describing your bedroom in French after this one.

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French For Beginners: Describing Your Living Room
In this lesson, I'll give you the most important French vocabulary and sample sentences for talking about the items in a living room.
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