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Repetition Important to Learning French

When it comes to learning French, or any language for that matter, it’s all about repetition just as if you were learning to play a musical instrument or improve your backhand in tennis - the more you do it, the better you’ll become. It’s all a matter of muscle memory, in this case the muscle being your brain. And when it comes to learning French, you’re using your brain!

A good way to memorize a new French word or verb or a new phrase in French is to use it and use it often. I remember when I started learning French, everything I learned, I would immediately put it to use — even if that meant talking to myself in French or to the wall.

Other helpful tips to memorize French vocabulary is to add post-it notes on various objects and things in your house. This way every time you see it, you’ll also see the French translation of it. I did this to memorize in French the things in my bedroom, like the t.v., the window, the door, the desk, etc. And it worked.

The point is this — studying French involves layers, and to effectively move on to the next layer, you have to have been able to utilize the prior layer well. So it’s very important to learn the French that you learn quickly, but efficiently. And that’s why learning French is all about repetition.

If you get stuck on a French word or phrase or French verb conjugation, write it down and then try writing it over and over again in French 20 times and each time say it outloud in French. Repetition!

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