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Learn French with Native French Audio

Learning French can be difficult. It’s for this very reason that most French students are looking for anything that can give them an edge and make the French learning process easier and faster. Research by Victoria University, New Zealand, PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger, may offer French students, or any language student for that matter, a simple and easy way to get that edge.

According to Dr. Sulzberger, our brains require neural tissue in order to learn and understand a new language. He claims that this neural tissue develops automatically from simple exposure to the language, which he explains is how babies learn their first language.

You can read more about Dr. Sulzberger’s research findings here at .

So what to make of this theory? Simple. With today’s technology and how easy it is to access native French audio on the Internet, you should start listening to French audio every day, even if it’s for only five minutes per day. This can make a tremendous difference in how fast and how effectively you learn French.

Even if you have not started to study French yet, start listening to French audio every day so you can get used to the phonentic sounds of the French language and, as Dr. Sulzberger believes, begin developing the required neural tissue.

Is it too much to ask you to listen to French audio every day? No, not at all. Everyone can find five to ten minutes per day to listen to something in native French. At work, plug in your headphones and listen to French radio. While you’re walking home or from where you park to your office, listen to learn French podcasts on your mp3 player. If you’re at the gym, load your mp3 player with French music. Bored at home? Pop in a French movie. There is absolutely no excuse for not listening to some form of native French audio every day, especially if you have access to the Internet.

To listen to French talk radio, we highly recommend that you try , or listen to world news summaries in French on . For learn French podcasts, try out . To benefit even more, try , where you can read French text and, at the same time, listen to its French audio transcription.

Interested in Spanish video immersion? A highly valuable resource is Yabla French. Highly recommended.

Finally, meet native French speaker around the world with whom you can converse with through .

Listening to French audio every day, even if it’s for only five minutes per day, will help you improve your French listening comprehension and also your French pronunciation, two areas that are difficult for most French students to develop.

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