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Learn French for Business and Work

There are many reasons why people choose to learn French, be it to satisfy a language requirement in school, to live abroad in a French-speaking country or simply for something new to do. But more and more, people want to for business and work reasons. As it is becoming more and more advantageous to study French.

Does your business have bilingual French-speaking employees or do you conduct business internationally to French-speaking countries? It definitely won’t hurt to learn French if this is the case. It’s never a bad idea if there is a strong French-speaking population in your area to have some of your employees learn French, or at least gain a basic foundation in French.

Take running a grocery store or a department store, for example. Questions often come up as to price checks or damaged merchandise. It certainly would help you make your business friendly to the French speaking community if you are capable to communicating with those whose English is not the best and feel more comfortable with French.

Does your business involve contracts or agreements that need to be signed? If so, having a bilingual French-speaker on the payroll will be useful so you can explain your services completely so that everyone involved understands what is being agreed to. Lawsuits can often arise out of a miscommunication, when one party misinterprets contract language or thought they agreed to something different. You can go a long way to prevent such lawsuits if you can make sure your clients or customers understand the contracts they sign, especially those who do not understand the legal jargon in English. You may simply need to have your agreements translated into French by a professional French translator.

The world is becoming more and more international, as global trade and exchange will continue to increase. This makes learning French, one of the official languages of the United Nations, important.

The big question, however, is how one can learn French or have their employees learn French? One suggestion is to hire a company tutor to teach French. The French tutor can come into the office several times a week and work with selected employees to help them learn French that relates to the office environment and the business. This is an ideal arrangement because it takes little time from the workday to learn French, and you can be sure your employees will attend. Additionally, the material will stay concentrated to the specific needs of your company.

With French being spoken in so many countries, it’s certainly important for business owners and employers to learn French and make their services more French friendly. Having employees learn French can be a great benefit to your business.

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