Learn French

Learn French By Getting Organized

Learning French doesn’t have to be difficult. And one way that you can make your life easier when you study French is to get organized. What I recommend is purchasing a notebook with dividers and start organizing lists of French verbs, French adjectives, French prepositions, and French idiomatic phrases as you come across them.

You will come across these French verbs, French adjectives, French prepositions, French idiomatic phrases and more while reading books, articles, poetry, etc.

Every now and then, I even like to review my old notebook of French words, verbs and phrases, and go down the lists. I started creating the lists of French words as I came across new French verbs and adjectives from my French lessons, from looking them up in a French dictionary in order to complete my French homework, and later from reading French books and novels.

Even if you believe you can rely on your memory to get you through, I still recommend making a list of French words that you have the most trouble remembering, and then reviewing them within a day, then within a week, and finally within a month.

By making yourself more orgazined, you will learn French a lot faster and more efficiently. Eventually you won’t have to refer back to your notebook of French words, verbs and phrases.

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