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Learn French By Getting Most Out of Classes

Generally, once someone enrolls in a French class, they expect to learn French right away. Some might simply leave it up to the teacher to hammer the words and verb conjugations into their head. But if you want to be different and get the most of your French classes, then it will be important to […]

Learn French Through Conversation Classes

One of the traditional ways to learn French has been starting where a first grader would – learning the French alphabet, simple words, and simple grammar. From there, you continually advance to intermediate grammar and then to advanced grammar. The problem with utilizing only this method to learn French is that some people may end […]

Read Books To Learn French

It’s very possible to learn French without taking classes and you can make just as much progress on your own as you would in a class. You can learn a lot of French with French literature. Though, this requires a lot of discipline and the ability to learn on your own. It also requires identifying […]

Develop French Listening Comprehension with Music

The two easiest parts of learning French are reading and writing, especially for those who are learning French in a country where French isn’t spoken predominately, like in the United States or England, for example. As a result, the parts that French students develop the slowest are speaking and listening comprehension. So how does one […]

Learn French By Getting Organized

Learning French doesn’t have to be difficult. And one way that you can make your life easier when you study French is to get organized. What I recommend is purchasing a notebook with dividers and start organizing lists of French verbs, French adjectives, French prepositions, and French idiomatic phrases as you come across them. You […]

Repetition Important to Learning French

When it comes to learning French, or any language for that matter, it’s all about repetition just as if you were learning to play a musical instrument or improve your backhand in tennis – the more you do it, the better you’ll become. It’s all a matter of muscle memory, in this case the muscle […]

Learn French with Native French Audio

Learning French can be difficult. It’s for this very reason that most French students are looking for anything that can give them an edge and make the French learning process easier and faster. Research by Victoria University, New Zealand, PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger, may offer French students, or any language student for that matter, a […]